Annual audit

By carrying out annual audits on individual and consolidated financial statements we are able to gain an insight into the accounts and correspondence of the business to be audited. In this way we can assess whether the accounting adheres to the legal regulations in formal and material terms and if the annual financial statement and the accounts can be declared as following the regulations.

  • Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements

  • Reviews

  • Embezzlement audits

  • Preparation of expert reports regarding issues with the balancing of accounts


The preparation and audit of annual financial statements of businesses which are integrated into the consolidated financial statements of a cooperate group are at the centre of our work and a diverse range of German consortiums contract us to prepare their consolidated financial statements. Years of experience in the auditing and preparation of various financial statements according to German and international accounting standards make us stand out from the crowd.

  • Preparation of annual financial statements according to HGB (German commercial code) and IFRS

  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements

  • Preparation of reports within the framework of international capital groups

  • Expert reports on accounting issues and annual financial statements


There are numerous reasons for business appraisals. Alongside our role as neutral consultants in the preparation of expert reports in the field of business appraisals, we also provide you, as our client, with guidance in important decision making processes within the framework of business acquisitions or sales, disputes or mergers, acting as your competent advisor.

  • Preparation of business appraisal reports

  • Advice on company purchase decisions

  • Planning of company acquisitions