Project Description


Our firm provides legal advice services in the form of a service concept which extends across disciplines. We see ourselves as a consultant with an exceptional understanding of operating organisations and processes and we adapt our legal advice services to the needs of our clients.

The verification of enforceability of our clients’ requirements is at the forefront of our legal advice activities. This work includes checking the legal position, the feasibility, as well as the economic practicality and the effects on our clients’ businesses.

We provide you with extensive advice and representation in various fields, including representation at trial before the courts of general jurisdiction and specialist courts.


  • Trade and corporate law

  • Purchasing law

  • Contract law

  • Debt collection


  • Protection against unfair dismissal

  • Remuneration claims

  • Redundancy payment

  • Collective employment law

  • Temporary employment


  • Income tax law

  • VAT law

  • Opposition procedure

  • Tax court proceedings

In special cases, and if our clients agree, we collaborate with specialists from other legal fields. This way, we can refer to our extensive network of contacts.