Project Description


One of our top priorities is to minimise our clients’ tax burden. The representation of tax interests is multi-faceted and occurs on many different levels.

Alongside the planning of business ventures, the main focus of our work is the representation of all of the company’s interests towards the financial authorities.


  • Tax planning on a business and private scale

  • Transformation and restructuring of businesses

  • Preparation of expert reports

  • Declaration

  • Advice on internal audits


  • Tax comparisons

  • Tax planning of overseas investments

  • Preparation of expert reports

  • Advice on international transfer pricing


  • Advice on social security inspections

  • Management of appeal procedures

  • Representation before financial courts

We do more than simply ensuring the fulfilment of the commercial and fiscal documentation and recording requirements of our clients. In the field of finance and accounting, we consistently work hard to provide valuable foundations for the management and guidance of a successfully operating business with the prompt analysis and evaluation and infra-annual reporting being at the centre of our clients’ interests. Our services include in particular:

  • A reporting system which had been adapted to fit the needs of the business

  • The planning, implementation and economic evaluations of cost accounting systems

  • Preparation of annual financial statements

  • Management of financial and asset accounting

  • Management of payroll accounting

  • Preparation of commercial balance sheets for the creation of international consolidated financial statements